The Importance Of Thinking In Studying

Few of us have the ability to think geographically, chemically, biologically, sociologically, anthropologically, historically, exceptionally, ethically, or philosophically without taken special courses. Literature is studied by pupils, but they do not think in a manner consequently. They study poetry, but don’t think poetically. They have no idea when reading, how to think as a writer while writing, how to think as a listener while listening.

Thinking makes studying easier

Consequently, students are bad readers, writers, and listeners. They use words and thoughts, but don’t have any idea how to internalize meanings that are foundational, and how to think through thoughts. Courses are taken by them, but they can’t make relations between what’s important in life and the logic of a subject.

Even the best students frequently have these deficiencies. To learn any subject and to study is to think within a topic in a field. Becoming a learner means becoming a thinker who has given assent to standards of thought and who is self-directed. Learning of a subject requires that students should think and understand its philosophy. We realize the fact that students lack subject and abilities to learn with thinking, most of them just learn materials by heart.

Its objective is to nurture an ideal of mind: mind that can learn a wide range of knowledge, through thinking everything over. It succeeds with students because it makes studying easier. It emphasizes that all fields of study share common intellectual structures as well as criteria of reasonability.

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