How Not To Hire A Bad Tutor

Being a good tutor isn’t an easy task. No one likes to have this conversation, when a tutor gets fired. If to consider this problem deeper, no tuition cannot be worse than bad tuition. That is why it’s so important not to hire a bad tutor.

Tips how to choose a tutor

Be wary of tutors who do not present their qualifications. There have been numerous cases of outright lying. At any time you call, text, or email your tutor, how prompt his answer is? Beware of tutors that don’t do it right, or take a long time to return to you. Many tutors are overcommitted, they teach at schools, or have occupations that take too much time and have no time for your child. It’s a sign of bad responsiveness.

The procedure of tutoring has two sides – teaching and training. The procedure of delivering the information is instructing. Some tutors behave in such a way which makes them seem as they are working. The best advice is to silently watch their work. A good tutor should extend their spheres of awareness, trying to increase interest and engage your child.

Things bad tutors do

Since correct teaching is harder than throwing worksheets, tutors don’t do that. Good tutors do not stare in their phones while your kid is filling in worksheets. They’re either looking over the work or are careful and watching your child’s results.

Of course, a tutor needs to use a phone, but make sure it does not become excessive. This trend, by the way, increases. Most kids, especially young teenagers, are more inclined to push back. Results vary from intentionally written wrong answers to simply not doing any part of work. The issue is that a tutor should spend more time on class management than actually on teaching, and it is not a good use of your money. You should switch to a tutor who’s also able to engage and motivate your kid. It is a very common symptom among tutors who’ve taken on too many students, or are too busy to teach properly.

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